Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What am I going to do in 2011...

I've never been big on the idea of resolutions. I understand people who make them and do their best to keep them and even those who make them and never, ever come close to keeping them. It's really tough if you think about. Here you have a goal that you need to keep in mind every day for 365 (366 in 2012) days. Sure, not all require undivided attention for that full year but what about when the year is over? And why must we try to better ourselves only at the beginning of the year?


The most common resolution has to be losing weight. This one I understand but when you think about it, how sad is it that so many people have the feeling they need to lose weight? I think that may say a lot about our country but that's another blog for another time. Quitting something seems to be big especially when it comes to smoking. There's another one people shouldn't wait till a new year to try. How bout you just quit when you think of it. Again, I am not against resolutions. Some people need them and that's fine but I feel like you add a lot of pressure to succeed and if unforeseen things come up and change that, you shouldn't feel bad.


So instead of a resolution, I come up with lists of things I'd like to try and do in the new year. Notice how I said try? I know half the things on my list won't happen but I put I out there. A lot of the time items from the year before that I didn't do will make it on the next years list. If I don't happen to get these done, so what? So below is a selection of a few of the items I put on my "2011 To Do List". Again, don't hold me to all of them because chances are I won't get to do half of them.




Those who know me know I love to travel and since last year included trips to London, DC, Key West and more, it's going to be tough to top. As of now the only trip somewhat confirmed is another trip to Key West in April with the same boys as last years but with our female companions as well. If Key West is the only place I travel this year, I will actually count it as a success. That's how much fun you have in Key West. With that said though, there are a few places I'd like to try and visit. Chicago and San Francisco are two big ones that I'd like to make it to for a long weekend. Chicago is somewhere Meg and I have both never been but desperately want to go to. I want some traditional deep dish, Chicago style pizza. San Fran is somewhere I have never been but am dying to visit and if I get a chance I want to try and get to Canton, OH to visit the Football Hall of Fame. Also, I've been to Philly a few times but there are some things I haven't seen so a weekend trip there would be fun and there is a possibility of seeing the Colts play in New Orleans.




I love cooking and I really love baking as many of you know. I am hoping to cook more this year and try to make tougher recipes. Of course cupcakes are our big thing so we are going to try and make a new cupcake every month. We got some great design books from our friends Mike and Heather at burgersutra.blogspot.com that have some awesome decorating ideas. Look for a cupcake blog to spring up soon!! I am also going to try and do one eating contest, a la Man vs. Food at some point. I keep talking about it and never do it. This is the year.




Like everyone else I am also hoping to lose weight this year and I plan on doing it by not only eating healthy (minus the eating contest) but by running more. I want to try and run at least 3 5k's this year as well as do one triathlon. My friends Mike and Dee and I are planning on one in the late summer which means I have to start swimming come spring as well as get a bike. I also want to try and play more sports, maybe even in a league of some sort. Softball or soccer maybe. I'm going to try and join a golf league as well to improve my game from horrible to just bad.




Well I want to finish my MBA this year and it looks like I should barring any unforeseen roadblock. I could use this as my resolution since I know it will get done, therefore giving me a successful resolution. On top of that I want to try and read about 5-7 books not related to class. Recently I went on a binge and got a books on scotch and cigars in hopes of learning more about two of my favorite things, the George Bush book  because I loved the Bill Clinton memoirs and want to learn as much as I can about past presidents and "Dirty, Sexy Politics" by Meghan McCain. I want to try and read more historical books and maybe more biographies as well as just learn as much as I can about random stuff.




Some random things I want to try and do this year:


Go to a Red Sox game

Go to a football game (pro/college)

Visit the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum (I read a book about the heist that took place here so now I want to see it.

Donate blood



Now again, I may not do all these this but a list is a good start. If I keep writing and you keep reading then you'll get to see which ones I actually do. What are some of your things to do this year?

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  1. The Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum has a great cafe! That doesn't really help with the Health thing, but its worth it.